Fay Lynn

as FAY

About the character: Fay is the Creative Director of Post Productions and co-owner of The Shadowbox Theatre. But more importantly, Fay is a perpetually exhausted producer with a never-ending and always-expanding to-do list who can usually be seen busily running about in the background – building, fixing, cleaning. . . and whatever else needs to be done. Friends and family would describe Fay as socially distracted and awkward, a person whose mind will drift mid-conversation to all of the things she believes she should be doing instead. She has little time to focus on herself and her “real” life, which may be intentional.

About the actor: Fay Lynn began performing early in life in the backyard of her parents’ modest home in Amherstburg, Ontario, where she and her brother would enact improvised sequels and spin-offs of their favourite movies. Her brother would always play the hero (Batman, Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker) while she got to play the sidekicks, villains, and all the rest of the ensemble. Throughout grade school she wrote and performed in little skits at recess with the few friends she had and eventually joined a French after-school Improv programme. She pursued theatre heavily in high school, nearly always being type-cast as the kooky character with the wild costume or bizarre medical issue who appears halfway through the first act to shake things up in a raucous farce. You know the type. When she was 18 her father happened upon an article in the Amherstburg Echo (or some such small local newspaper) seeking a young actress to play the role of Libby Tucker in I Ought to be in Pictures with Plaid Jacket Productions — an independent regional theatre company that paid their actors a dollar per ticket sold. Since that audition 23 years ago, Fay has worked with several community and independent regional theatre companies across Windsor-Essex. Memorable acting credits include: The Woman in 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane, and Callie in Stop Kiss by Diana Son (Post Productions); Fudgie in Fatboy by John Clancy, and Macbeth in Macbeth (Korda Artistic Productions); Jenny in Exit the Body by Fred Carmichael, and Barbara in Run for Your Wife by Ray Cooney (Theatre Windsor). Fay is an anxious wreck of a human being at the best of times, always sweaty and worrying and socially awkward. Ironically, she is at her best in front of an audience. In 2024 she was nominated for two Windsor-Essex Critics Choice Theatre Awards for Best Actress in a Theatrical Role (play) for her portrayals of Meredith O’Connor in First Night by Jack Neary and Detective Denise Spears in Walking Upsidedown Underwater by Edele Winnie.

Joey Ouellette


About the character: Wright Lloyd-Jones is a legendary playwright – the Canadian equivalent of England’s Pinter or the U.S.A.’s Mamet – who has written more than 300 frequently-produced plays. He is a shy and reclusive man who rarely makes public appearances and avoids social interactions, largely because he’s a sensitive man whose ego is easily bruised. When pressed into conversation, Lloyd-Jones will typically become incoherent as he tries to anticipate and co-opt whatever he believes others might say, communicating through metaphors and analogies that baffle most rational people. At his heart he is a man of deep compassion who is simply too aware that he struggles to communicate compassion to be comfortable around others.

About the actor: Joey Ouellette has performed in more than 500 different productions with many different companies. Highlights of his acting career include: Hangmen (Post Productions) because he got to hang someone; Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet because he accidentally smashed through a wall; and Norvello in Stones, Bones and Witches because he stood up on the giant platform and hit his head on the ceiling really hard. The theatre has been a home for him because it is life sped up, energy unleashed, fire in the air on the walls and in the soul. He could list a long bunch of productions but what’s the point? It’s what you get to do next that matters. In 2024 Joey was nominated for two Windsor-Essex Critics Choice Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Theatrical Role (play) for both The Case of the Odd Shaped Gas Tanks and Mirabella.

Michael K. Potter


About the character: Michael is the Managing Director of Post Productions and co-owner of The Shadowbox Theatre. He is driven by unfulfilled (and perhaps unfulfillable) desires: to create meaningful art that also entertains, and to create positive relationships between himself and others while helping others create positive relationships amongst themselves. He is a reliably anxious person who always feels as though he’s hanging on a string of twine over a pit of crocodiles. Michael is often motivated by a fear of accidently hurting or alienating others, which leads him to reliably (and accidently) hurt and alienate others.

About the actor: Michael K. Potter is a blind double-amputee who hoards medical disorders and is sometimes compelled to act. Though he has acted in many independent short films and one cable TV show (Killjoys) he has spend most of his acting career appropriating roles from able-bodied people in regional independent theatre (and before that, in community theatre). Among his favourite roles: Ian in Blasted by Sarah Kane; Danny in First Night by Jack Neary; John in Oleanna by David Mamet; Cradeau in No Exit by Jean-Paul Satre; Eamon, Stephan, and Benjamin in Mirabella by Joey Ouellette; Roma in Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet; Singleton in Negatunity by Matt St. Amand; and Sean in Pirate Attack on the 1C Bus Going Downtown by Joey Ouellette. Michael was nominated for the 2024 Windsor-Essex Critics Choice Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Theatrical Role (play) for First Night (Post Productions, 2023).

John Strahl


About the character: Gordie is a young actor who has just joined Post Productions as an Outreach Director and Producer. He is an enthusiastic, optimistic, and extroverted person, friendly and open, who loves people and seeks them out. His zest for life is contagious. Although Gordie is knowledgeable and competent, he is plagued by self-doubt and low confidence – issues that sometimes lead to spectacular failures. At times his words and actions betray an underlying loneliness, a need for companionship and love that can get him in trouble. He actually has a life outside of theatre.

About the actor: John Strahl is an up-and-coming young actor, director, producer, and writer in the Windsor-Essex scene. A graduate of the University of Windsor with a double major in Drama and Communication, Media, and Film, John has already earned some accolades – including winning the Viewer’s Choice award at the Windsor International Film Festival’s Mark Boscariol 48 Hour Flick Fest in 2022 for Cacophony of Lies (which he directed, co-wrote, and produced), the Viewer’s Choice award at The Great Canadian Comedy Film Festival in 2022 for Date-Saster (which he directed and wrote), and the People’s Choice award at the University of Windsor film festival in 2019 for Shift (for which he also received a Best Actor nomination). John can be seen in such films as Vampire Zombies from Space! and Pogo.

James Stone


About the character: Dirk is a veteran homeless actor with multiple addictions who has the swagger of a cowboy without any of that pesky arrogance. A friendly, supportive, openminded, and helpful man, he has travelled from Vancouver to Windsor just for the opportunity to audition for Twoquus, as it’s written by Wright Lloyd-Jones — his favourite playwright. An often serene and spiritual person, Dirk is thrilled by the impermanence of theatre and life. He wants to live a life worth writing stories about – a life never forgotten. He has an inner confidence and self-assurance that enables him to accept all people for who they are.

About the actor: James Stone has been acting in theatre productions for nearly 30 years including: A Haunting in E-Flat, Cabaret, Noises Off, Jitters, and The Teahouse of the August Moon. As a youth he won the Best Actor’s Award at the Sault SoothFest Drama Competition in 1994. James was heavily influenced by his experiences with community theatre as a young adult. These experiences led him to pursue a formal degree in drama education, so that he could influence youth with his own passion for theatre.

Maggie Marchenkowsky


About the character: Myrtle is a talented young actress with an outgoing, flirtatious, charming, and uninhibited personality. She thrives on novelty – meeting new people, experiencing new things, embracing new opportunities. She is, however, deathly afraid of birds. . . a problem since her character in Twoquus is obsessed with, and surrounded by, birds. Like nearly every Canadian actor, she finds herself taking on whatever normal jobs she can to get by, primarily babysitting. Theatre is her escape. Theatre is what makes her ordinary life extraordinary. Life has a set of rules, the theatre has a different set of rules that are closer in line with her own philosophy.

About the actor: Maggie Marchenkowsky is an actor, emerging writer, and a pretty good bartender. Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, she graduated from the University of Windsor with a BFA in Acting in 2022 and has had the glorious opportunities to work under some of Windsor’s best theatre artists, directors and uber talented writers. She is thankful to have had the chance to work on premieres of plays such as Imaginary Lines (2019), A Great Round Wonder (2022) and soon, Chaotic Reality/ Revelations (2024). Other theatre credits include: If We Were Birds (University Players 2021), On The Edge and Over: A Divised Work (University Players 2021), and 4.48 Psychosis (Post Productions 2024). Her film credits include: Cacophony of Lies (Bird Room 2022), and The Dead Spring (Paperweight Owl Productions 2023). Maggie’s accolades include winning the Audience Choice Award at the Windsor International Film Festival in 2022 for Team Wide, winning third place in the 2023 Edele Winnie Women’s Monologue Competition, and winning first place in the 2024 Edele Winnie Women’s Monologue Competition.

Jamie Taylor


About the character: Bruce is an experienced set designer, builder, painter, and decorator who both enjoys and is continually irritated by the challenges of working amidst the poverty of independent regional theatre. Like all set designers, he does not have a driver’s licence. He is an honest, trustworthy, focused, task-oriented, dependable man who can also be extremely blunt and has no time for bullshit. He’s a little superstitious.

About the actor: Jamie Taylor is a British actor, who graduated from the University of Sussex with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Arabic. Jamie had a minor role in a voice-over part for a movie (The Plot) he produced and wrote with a friend in 2020 shortly before COVID. In 2022, Jamie moved to Windsor, Ontario, where he now lives while working for a Toronto law firm. In July 2023, after watching the movie Oppenheimer and having a panic attack at the movie theatre, Jamie was inspired/motivated to start acting – he vowed to sign up for acting classes and said to his partner “if the teacher says I have even a slither of talent, I’m going to pursue this for the rest of my life”. Since then, he has been taking regular virtual classes at The Green Room Acting Studio based in Los Angeles after he mistakenly searched up classes near Windsor and signed up for the first result which was in Windsor, California. He has studied with well-known Casting Directors such as Ellen Jacoby (The Truman Show, Ace Ventura, Ali) and Mark Tillman.

Rebecca S. Mickle


About the character: Kendra is a diabetic and dyslexic woman who is also nurturing, warm, dedicated to being and doing better. Although she doesn’t see herself as valuable, those around her would disagree. Despite the fact that her life to date has objectively been a (okay, figurative) train wreck, Kendra is determined to move forward and create a wonderful life for herself.

About the actor: Rebecca S. Mickle is a singer, actor, writer, and performer from Harrow, Ontario. She received her Bachelors of Music in Classical Voice from The University of Windsor and her Masters of Music in Classical and Operatic Vocal Performance from Wayne State University. She has appeared in TV shows (Haunted Hospitals, Dark Side of the Ring), films (Scrugg’s Christmas Carol, This Tuesday’s Child), and theatre productions (Criminal Genius, The Yellow Wallpaper) in Canada and the US. In her spare time she is the Artistic Director of Windsor Feminist Theatre and enjoys reviewing horror films on TikTok, taking long walks on the beach, and cuddling with her fur babies.

Jun Wuyan


About the character: Barry is a people-pleaser who desperately needs to be liked and consequently spends a lot of time trying to make others happy in various ways – often by baking sweet treats. A somewhat neurotic man who is prone to sudden bouts of vomiting, Barry doesn’t have many boundaries and sometimes struggles to recognize the boundaries of others. His tendency to overcompensate for his anxiety sometimes leads him to become awkward and spineless in social situations, but ultimately he’s a sweet person.

About the actor: Jun Wuyan is an actor and poet, originally from China. In addition to his first language of Changshaness, he speaks Mandarin, English and French. After finding success across multiple film and television projects in China, Jun relocated to Windsor, Ontario, in the summer of 2023. In 2018 Jun won the Best Actor award at the BSU Film Festival.

Lionel Walsh


About the character: Henry is an affable and easygoing senior citizen of bafflingly indeterminant age who has over the course of his long life tried his hand at nearly everything. He doesn’t realize he’s auditioning for Twoquus, and when his audition is successful he isn’t sure at first whether he’s been hired as an actor, playwright, or director. In fact, much of the time Henry isn’t fully aware of what’s going on around him. But once he joins the Twoquus cast he quickly becomes a beloved member of the team and, over the course of the series, becomes the heart of the story. He’s a curious person who can come across as aloof, but in reality is often just aware of things other people aren’t. Sometimes because they’re irrelevant. He has lost many people over the course of his life which gives him a perspective that the other characters sometimes need.

About the actor: Lionel Walsh is an actor and director who teaches acting in the BFA in Acting programme in the School of Dramatic Arts at the University of Windsor. He is a Certified Teacher of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique (Michael Chekhov Association) and is founding Director of The Inspired Acting Lab, in which he and his Lab Assistants develop new exercises in Fantastic Realism. He has trained at the Moscow Art Theatre School, Russia. In 2019 he founded the Northern Bruce Theatre Company, for which he produced and directed Salt-Water Moon in Windsor, Lion’s Head and Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Other recent directing credits include Choking the Butterfly, a co-production of The Inspired Lab and Rarely Pure Theatre, Toronto; Brave Hearts (Ryan Rep, Brooklyn, New York); Down Dangerous Passes Road (University of Windsor, Brighton Festival Fringe, United Kingdom); Afterplay (Alternative Theatre Works, Stratford, Ontario); The Orphan Muses (Breathe Art Theatre Project, 2011); and Plaza Suite (Sunshine Festival). He also directed Summer and Smoke (Hilberry Theatre, Wayne State University).As an actor, Lionel appeared most recently as Lyle in Whale Riding Weather at the 2009 Brighton Festival Fringe, and Plymouth Arts Festival. He also appeared as Luni-Mato in the award-winning film, Commedia Fantasia, for Gina Lori Riley Dance Enterprises; the film has had showings in Houston, New York City and Monte Carlo. He has conducted workshops in Improvisation and in Michael Chekhov Acting Technique at universities, conferences, and in private studios in Canada, the United States, and Great Britain, and has coached professional productions with Rose Theatre and Shakespeare in the Square, Brampton, Ontario, and the Hilberry Theatre, Wayne State University. He is a co-founder of Michael Chekhov Canada and founding Co-Artistic Director of the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium, which offers a certificate in the teaching of Chekhov Technique through the University of Mount Union, Ohio. He also contributed a chapter to The Routledge Companion to Michael Chekhov and is co-author of “The Corridors Exercise: A Michael Chekhov-based Approach to Discovering, Experiencing, and Embodying Given Circumstances and Character” which is forthcoming in Theatre, Dance and Performance.

Courtesy Olympia Lebert-Dean


About the character: Danica is a dancer first and an actor second. They have endured a lot of mistreatment over their life and have fought hard to earn their place wherever they are. Danica is a responsible, committed, always present and aware, perceptive, and individualistic person who struggles to ask for help when they need it. Not especially social or extroverted, Danica will show up for social situations when the mood strikes them. Literally, they will just show up.

About the actor: A 37-year-old trans woman, Courtesy Lebert is an aspiring artist whose background lay primarily in film and television behind the camera. Recently however they’ve decided to take up acting and much to their surprise it is a remarkably enjoyable and rewarding experience. Having worked as a production assistant in Vancouver for just over two years for Warner Brothers and CW she got a taste for performance by doing background work in the season 2 finale of Haters Back Off. It wasn’t until she moved to Windsor and became involved with Post Productions however that she was given the opportunity to truly sink her teeth into acting as a cast member in 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane, and competing in the 2024 Edele Winnie Women’s Monologue Competition. When she isn’t pursuing her love of acting oftentimes writing poetry takes center stage. In her spare time when she’s not pursuing the Arts you could probably find Courtesy doing a tarot card reading, watching anime, cuddling with her kitty cats, or reading.

Shayla Hudson


About the character: Annie is cast in Twoquus sort of as a mistake. She came to the auditions as William Marlowe’s agent but while he didn’t get cast, she did. And she’s still not sure why – or whether that was a good call. Annie struggles with body dysmorphia and self-confidence. Acting is forcing her to be more aware of, and concerned about, her body than is comfortable for her. She is far more comfortable and confident when helping others become the center of attention. She is a calculating and practical person with firm boundaries, though not unfriendly.

About the actor: Shayla Hudson is a multi-disciplinary artist, actor and creator born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. She is a Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts (WCCA) graduate (dance, vocal, drama, 2015) and a University of Windsor BFA Acting alumna (2019) who utilizes her formal training, alongside her ‘life’ training (ie. existing) in and outside of the theatre. In recent years, Shayla has had the pleasure of changing artistic gears as a Teaching Assistant for classes such as Graduation Recital (prof. Lee Wilson, SODA/UWindsor, 2023/2024) and Advanced Shakespeare – Romeo & Juliet (prof. Lee Wilson, SODA/UWindsor, 2023) where she learned a great deal about directing, working with students and strengthening her artistic tool belt. She has dipped her toe and has grown artistically in film creation as an actor, producer and casting director, with projects including The Thousand Colours of the Morning: a Theatrical Film by Barry T. Brodie (2023), Hi, Chase by Shane Trowbridge (short, 2023), Together Apart by Michael J. Krym (short, 2023) and Pisces Moon by Flower Face (music video, 2021). Her favourite theatre roles include: various roles in reFramed – City Lives (Dir. Barry T. Brodie – Art Windsor Essex, Post Productions); Muir in A Great Round Wonder (Dir. Barry T. Brodie, The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation, Post Productions, 2022); Claire in Proof (Dir. Carly Morrison-Hart, Bloomsbury House, 2019), Odysseus in The Penelopiad (Dir. Kelli Fox, University Players, 2019). Recently she also worked as Associate Director for University Player’s production of Tinkerbell, directed by Lee Wilson (2022-23), Shayla’s accolades including: winning second place in the 2023 Edele Winnie Women’s Monologue Competition; receiving a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the Western Ontario Drama League Festival in 2017 for Better Living; winning a Best Actress award at the University of Windsor Film Festival for The Encounter; and winning the Best All Around Award from the WCCA in 2015 for dance, vocal, and drama.

Heath Camlis


About the character: Ed is a braggart and pathological liar who has enough experience to concoct believable stories about what he has done. He is, though he will never admit it, a lonely and insecure man who has never been in a romantic relationship and still lives with his mother. A self-sabotager who fears success, Ed has read the first 10-pages of over 10,000 books and has at least one internet persona who represents who he wishes he could be.

About the actor: Heath Camlis has been a member of Windsor’s acting scene since his first role in Theatre Intrigue’s 2007 production of Love Dat Mob. Memorable theatrical roles for Heath include Athos in The Three Musketeers (University Players, 2016), playing a variety of roles in Hamlet (Ghost Light Players, 2019), and most recently as John in The Yellow Wallpaper (Windsor Feminist Theatre, 2024). Heath is also a founding member of Smog Town Films, with whom he has created numerous films that have appeared in festivals across North America. Most notably competing 15 times in the Mark Boscariol 48-hour Film Festival in the Windsor International Film Festival, for which he has received 6 best acting awards, as well as many others. In 2019 Heath won several Adjudicators awards from the Western Ontario Drama League for his work in Ghost Light Players’ production of Hamlet. Heath looks forward to continuing to contribute to Windsor’s ever-growing film and theatre industry for many years to come.

Karen Kilbride


About the character: Karen is a multi-disciplinary artist whose primary mode of creative expression is costuming. She has worked for nearly every theatre company at every level in the Windsor-Essex region at one time or another, creating costumes from the historical to the fantastical. Karen has enough experience to know that she will usually find herself expected to create magic out of little more than scraps, hunt down wandering actors so she can get measurements, and spend far more time than is reasonable fixing costumes that actors destroy and solving literally last-minute problems. She is a tenacious, resilient, friendly, and relentlessly reliable creative force with whom only fools would reckon.

About the actor: Karen Kilbride usually performs happily behind the scenes of stage and film, most often in the costume and props departments. Occasionally she has been shoved onstage whenever a warm body was needed – most memorably in Scrooge and Marley and It’s a Wonderful Life (both with Theatre Ensemble), but (up)Staged is her first on-screen performance. Karen is the star of absolutely nothing except the blissfully ordinary working and domestic life she has created. She completed a vocal training intensive at Southwestern Community College in Iowa and has been an English professor at St. Clair College for many years.

Luke Boughner


About the character: Liam is the lighting designer and technician for Post Productions. He is an easygoing, mellow, enthusiastic, and eager fellow whose mellowness often excludes anything that is not his current focus. He is a mega fan of lighting and special effects who does not quite understand the idea and importance of schedules. Like it or not, he will toss ideas at you over and over and over, and thankfully is not bothered if those ideas are rejected. He wants to be conscientious. He is uncomfortable saying “no” to anyone.

About the actor: Luke Boughner’s passion for theatrics started at a young age. Growing up, Luke would watch any and all VHS tapes and DVDs he could get his hands on. It wasn’t until his early adulthood that Luke dove head-first into the Windsor-Essex theatre scene. He found Post Productions through a Facebook post advertising auditions for Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands by Edele Winnie. He quickly fell in love with the theatre and grew to admire his fellow local talents. Having played a handful of villains and morally grey characters in fantastical and sometimes tragic stories – Luke is eager to play someone based on reality, especially one from his cherished hometown! His theatre roles include: Mooney/Hennesey in Hangmen by Martin McDonagh (2023) and Joey in Stuck by Jonathan Tessier (2022), both with Post Productions, as well as work with Windsor Feminist Theatre and Migration Hall. In 2024 he was nominated for the Windsor-Essex Critics Choice Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Theatrical Role (play) for Hangmen.

Michelle Mainwaring


About the character: Julie is an ambitious and competitive theatre veteran who serves as the Artistic Director of The Purple Theatre Company. She sees Post Productions as a rival, although the people at Post Productions refuse to treat her as a rival and try repeatedly to create a cooperative relationship with her. Her extreme self-confidence can come across as arrogance sometimes, and it hides a deep insecurity. Julie would love to be friends with everyone but fears this might be a weakness. She is a fighter who’s been in the trenches for many years, which has caused her to expect that every new situation will involve a fight.

About the actor: Michelle Mainwaring is an award-winning actor who has been performing professionally for over 35 years with many stage, film and radio credits to her name. She has been starring in The Rum Runner’s Tour in Windsor, Ontario, for over 15 years with four awards of excellence to their credit and the only local company to be in Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame. Throughout the year Michelle also performs private and corporate comedy dinner theatres and is the co-host of the annual Men’s Celebrity Fashion Event for the Kidney Foundation. Highlights of Michelle’s career include: playing five very different characters in Pirate Attack on the 1C Bus Going Downtown by Joey Ouellette (Post Productions, 2022), which required elaborate and rapid changes in appearance; playing Annie Wilkes in the stage adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery, for which she won Best Actress in a Leading Role from the Western Ontario Drama League; and playing Mrs. Philips in the horror film, The Final Haunting!, directed by Mitchell Branget.

Meaghen Quinn


About the character: Nicole Jonasson is a well-known director who has worked with nearly every theatre company in Ontario – once. She is a brash, confident, experienced, and zealous woman whose opinion of herself and her abilities is so high that it verges into the mythical. Although she is intelligent and skilled, she is neither as intelligent nor skilled as she believes she is only because that would be impossible. Nicole unwittingly and inadvertently alienates those around her because she makes them feel undervalued and insulted. Her demeanour stems from her discomfort with who she is and where she comes from, as well as a lifelong desire to be more important and accomplished than she actually is. The goals she has set for herself are unreachable, though she is unaware of this. She wants to be a nurturer, and thus plays the part of one, but is continually disappointed by the inability of those around her to see her as nurturing.

About the actor: Meaghen Quinn is an Actor, Intimacy Director, Movement Coach, and Drama Professor currently living and creating in Windsor, Ontario Canada. Meaghen has been studying, instructing, and performing internationally for the past 20 years. She holds an M.F.A. in Acting from Pennsylvania State University and a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from the University of Windsor. Meaghen also joined the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium as an Associate teacher in 2022, spent the last six months completing year one of the Feldenkrais Institute of Ann Arbor’s practitioner program, and recently completed IDC’s Level III (ID) training taught by Claire Warden and Cha Ramos. Meaghen is drawn to historical and fantastical worlds that allow for heightened moments of physical storytelling. Her experience with contact improvisation makes her aware of the space between bodies and various ways of making contact; her training with the Saratoga International Theater Institute (SITI) allows her to participate in and help facilitate collective creations, group scenes, and ensemble building, and her period movement background helps her to recognize how the power of behaviour, etiquette, and rule breaking can be used to create exciting story moments that build relationships, support intimacy, and reveal secrets. Currently, Meaghen is an Actor and Theatre Professor at the University of Windsor, where she also serves as Intimacy Director/Consultant and Movement Coach for the University Players. Memorable acting credits include: Sarah in Contact, an immersive theatre piece (Classical Theatre Project); Elsie, in a summer tour of Falling Awake by Gary Kirkham (Inspired Acting Lab), and roles in Fear Thy Neighbour (TV series), See No Evil (TV Series) and Haunted Hospital (TV Series); Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (The Chicago Shakespeare Company), Maria/Antonia in Twelfth Night (Driftwood Entertainment), Miss Frizzle in The Magic School Bus Live! (Paquin Entertainment, Hummingbird and U.S.A./Canadian Tour), Singer in Franklin’s Class Concert (Tanglewood Entertainment, Hummingbird and USA tour), Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet (Toronto Arts Centre and USA tour), Lady Macbeth in Macbeth (The Classical Theatre Project), Viola/Maria in Twelfth Night (The Classical Theatre Project), Gertrude in Hamlet (The Classical Theatre Project), Frances in Frances and Marybeth by Neale Kimmel and HeShe in “I AM Here”, a multi-media (movement based) mask piece devised by Gina Lori Riley, designed for the stage and recently adapted for film.

Boris Gatackic


About the character: Torgus is an undercover performance artist working on a character who is a goon and ex-convict – and a part-time actor. His tenure as a cast member in Twoquus is memorable but short-lived, and he reappears toward the end of the series to save the production.

About the actor: Boris Gatackic is an actor based in Windsor, Ontario.

Emma Truswell


About the character: Donalda is an aggressive, manipulative, and shockingly persistent actor who always has an agenda. She refuses to accept that she has not been cast in Twoquus which leads to a difficult situation for the producers. But in the end she becomes a confidante and friend. Donalda was possibly married too young, controlled and abused, got a divorce and now it’s all about her. She is making up for lost time.

About the actor: Emma Truswell revived her love of performing in 2018 as Lady MacBeth in MacBeth (Korda Artistic Productions), and again in 2019 as Vicki/Brooke in Noises Off (The Bank Theatre). In 2022 she had the pleasure of appearing in two plays staged by Post Production – first as Jackie in Squirrel Party by Edele Winnie, then as Kelly in Pirate Attack on the 1C Bus Going Downtown by Joey Ouellette. Emma spends her spare time riding horses, doing Muay Thai, and hanging out with her two chihuahuas watching an alarming amount of episodes of Ghost Adventures and America’s Test Kitchen.

Roserlie Cyriaque


About the character: Susan is a loud, confused, and decisive woman who struggles to modulate her voice, is monosyllabic, and difficult to comprehend.

About the actor: Roserlie Cyriaque is a Windsor-based actor who was a member of Black Kids in Action from September 2019 to December 2022. She is also an experienced pageant contestant.

Emerson James


About the character: A self-loving Equity actor represented by Annie Dyer, William can come across as full of himself but, then again, if you were as wonderful as he you might be full of yourself too.

About the actor: Emerson James is an actor, screenwriter and filmmaker based in Windsor, Ontario. In 2015, he co-founded the small film production company Good Face Pictures, before rebranding it as Lovita Cinema in 2023. Emerson’s objective as an actor and filmmaker is to weave together the fabulous glamour of Old Hollywood cinema with the inclusive modern storytelling of today – in order to create a timeless experience that everybody may enjoy for eras to come. Emerson’s next project after (up)Staged is Blood & Pearls, for which he wrote the screenplay and will play the character of Tristan, to be filmed in 2024-25.

Samantha Lillian


About the character: Winona is a young mother with dreams of being an actor that have proven consistently fruitless. She lives each moment of each day at the end of her rope. The mother of several rambunctious children, Winona refuses to give up on her dream no matter what the universe tries to tell her.

About the actor: Samantha Lillian, a Secondary School Drama and Social Sciences teacher, and mother of two goofy girls, is really just a big kid at heart herself. Performing for the stage and camera gives her the opportunity to connect with all sorts of personalities on a deep level; it gives her immense pride to bring her own version of honesty and authenticity to whatever persona she gets to bring to life. When not performing, teaching or mothering, you can find her tearing it up down snowy hilltops, hugging trees, paddling waves, seeing the world and bending her body to the ways of the yogi. Highlights of her theatrical career include: Curious George (Bloomsbury House Productions); Peter Panto (Korda Artistic Productions), and Super Duper Ultra Girl (Monkeys With a Typewriter).

Kole Parks


About the character: Jeremy is Winona’s youngest child, an uncontrollable and hyperactive little boy who likes to touch things. He is all energy, enthusiasm, chaos. . . and Id.

About the actor: Kole Parks is a young actor who has appeared in six short films, theatre productions, and commercials. He loves acting, singing, and dancing – in addition to just having fun and being silly. Kole currently takes lessons in acting, improv, and vocals. He loves to perform, even on the fly, and aspires to continue acting as he grows up. Kole has been recognized for his character development and professionalism on various sets, as well as recognized for his commitment and mindfulness of others, specifically in his studies.

Matteo Mady


About the character: Silas is a hyperkinetic, distracting, and largely uncontrollable boy, the middle child of the Kleptopahac siblings. He views some of Jeremy’s antics with scorn, seeing them as childish, and many of Nanda’s antics as beneath her, though ultimately he competes with both of his siblings for attention.  

About the actor: Matteo Mady is a 12-year-old superstar in the making. Matteo is not just an improv champion at school, but he’s also a total beast as the goalie for the Liverpool Academy. His lightning-fast reflexes and amazing saves have earned him a reputation as one of the best in the game. And that’s not all! Matteo is also a two-time Karate-ka of the Year (12 and under) in the world of martial arts. His kicks and punches are as powerful as they come. With his talent, dedication, and hard work, there’s no doubt Matteo will continue to shine. Keep cheering him on as he dominates both the stage and the field!

Elizabeth Wacheski


About the character: Nanda is a sweet but fidgety, mischievous, and hyperactive girl who has trouble sitting still, standing still, lying still – and who tends to walk away in the middle of conversations. As the eldest sibling she views her younger brothers with a smidgin of scorn. . . but will rush to their defense if they need her.

About the actor: Elizabeth Wacheski is a young actor whose credits include Vampire Zombies from Space! and The Haunted Museum. In addition to being a track and field star, she was voted MVP by her soccer team and is a straight-A student.

Lauren Meadows


About the character: Chrissy is young child raised by her hyper religious parents to be an actor, dancer, singer, model, athlete – as well as a spiritual leader and part-time exorcist. Chrissy is confident, friendly, and devout.

About the actor: Lauren Meadows is nine years old. She loves to sing and act, appearing in the film Vampire Zombies from Space!, an episode of the television series Repossessed, and a commercial for Sam’s Club. She recently played Pepper in Annie Jr. (Little Tomato Children’s Theatre). Lauren has won several local talent showcase events and is an accomplished athlete who enjoys hockey, soccer, baseball, and swimmer – and who has completed four kids triathlons. In her spare time Lauren likes to hang out with friends and organize the annual Lauren & Friends Lemonade Stand (which has raised over $29,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation to-date).

Emma Caicco


About the character: Chrissy’s Mom is a helicopter parent and devotee of her daughter who acts as Chrissy’s agent and manger along with her husband. She is a part-time exorcist who is devoted to her daughter’s success. Like her husband, Chrissy’s Mom no longer uses her own name, simply referring to herself in all situations as “Chrissy’s Mom”.

About the actor: Emma Caicco is a drama teacher who has studied both in Canada and the United Kingdom.  She is from the small northern town of Sault Ste. Marie where she was often involved in community theatre and competitive dance. Emma’s theatre credits include: The Prom, Evil Dead: The Musical, The Wiz, Pippin, and Little Sister, for which she won an award for Best Supporting Actress. While in Sault Ste. Marie she facilitated several improv and youth theatre workshops for the Sault Ste. Marie Public Library – Digital Creator North Drop-in Centre. After taking a break from the stage and cameras, she’s ready to make her second debut. 

Eric Droski


About the character: Chrissy’s Dad is a helicopter parent and devotee of his daughter who acts as Chrissy’s agent and manger along with his wife. He is a part-time exorcist who is devoted to his daughter’s success. Like his wife, Chrissy’s Dad no longer uses his own name, simply referring to himself in all situations as “Chrissy’s Dad”.

About the actor: Eric Droski is a Windsor-based actor whose credits include Mike Teevee in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Windsor Light Music Theatre), Charlie in Hangmen (Post Productions), and a commercial for Royal LePage.

Jaz Morneau


About the character: Sergio is an exhibitionist and self-flagellator who believes he must shed his clothes – and thus his humanity – to prepare for roles.

About the actor: Jaz Morneau is a Windsor-based actor, writer, director, and producer who has worked with several companies in Windsor-Essex, including Windsor Dance Experience, Post Productions, and Arts Collective Theatre. His next play, Revelations, will open in September 2024. 

Jaleah Taylor


About the character: Villi is a very spiritual person and devout cultural appropriator who only hears positivity and is quick to point out the perceived wrongdoings of others. She has a close relationship with birds – so close, in fact, she feels a psychic connection with them and can speak their languages.

About the actor: Jaleah Taylor is a self-described shy person who studied film production at the University of Windsor. Recently she found herself stepping into the world of acting, choosing to learn the craft by working with several acting coaches. Jaleah works as an editor and enjoys painting, playing the guitar, and skateboarding.

Cheri Scratch


About the character: Jane is an undercover bird activist who leads a pro-bird organization of avian allies. Depending on your point of view, Jane is either always looking to cause trouble or just really good at spotting it.

About the actor: Cheri Scratch is a veteran actor in Windsor-Essex whose recent roles include Alice in Hangmen by Martin McDonagh and Hazel in The Children (both with Post Productions). She can also be seen as Philis in the film Vampire Zombies from Space!

Linda Collard


About the character: Laura is a children’s entertainer who takes an unorthodox approach to auditioning for Twoquus inspired by old Looney Tunes cartoons.

About the actor: Linda Collard is a Windsor-based actor most recently seen on stage in The Case of the Odd Shaped Gas Tanks and Incredible Hospital (both with the Purple Theatre Company), and The Children (Post Productions). She regularly competes in the Edele Winnie Women’s Monologue Competition, winning third place in 2022 and second place in 2024.

Shana Thibert


About the character: Paula is a sincere actor and puppeteer who does not feel constrained by the expectations of others. Though normally shy. . . magic happens when her hands slip into the nubile bodies of puppets.

About the actor: Shana Thibert is the Executive Director of Revolution Youth Theatre, for which she helps youth in Windsor-Essex master a wide range of theatre arts and skills. In 2024 Revolution Youth Theatre won the Windsor-Essex Critics Choice Theatre Award for Outstanding Youth Company of the Year. Shana is also an actor who has appeared in Bite Me, Big Time! (Purple Theatre Company, Post Productions) and in productions by Rebel Arts Productions. In addition, Shana works behind-the-scenes as a judge in both the Windsor-Essex Playwriting Contest and the Edele Winnie Women’s Monologue Competition.

Alysia Therrien


About the character: Sharla is more of a singer than an actor who forges her own path and struggles to read a room.

About the actor: Alysia Therrien is an experienced musical theatre and stage performer who has been singing for over 20 years. Alysia was active in community theatre, including the roles of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady and Demeter in CATS. After competing and winning in vocal competitions across Windsor-Essex, she decided to pack her bags and head to the big city, Toronto, she trained with legendary vocal coach Elaine Overholt, who has coached industry professionals such as John Travolta, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Shawn Mendes. Her dreams set sail when she earned her spot as Lead Vocalist for Norwegian Creative Studios. She has travelled and sung across the world on board cruise ships and most recently toured all of Michigan. She currently works as a Lead Singer for Big Louie and the Band.

Terry McConnell


About the character: Marcel is a theatre critic who works for The Daily Sentinel. He’s a sloppy eater who must be bribed to write reviews.

About the actor: Terry McConnell is an actor, singer, composer/arranger, low brass player (tuba/euphonium/trombone), photographer,  and teacher. He regularly performs with the Ebytown Brass, the Grand Philharmonic Choir, and the Chatham Concert Band.  For 30.5 years Terry led dynamic instrumental and vocal programming at Blenheim District High School. Terry has acted as musical director in more than 20 shows with Theatre Kent, Good Times Productions, and BDHS productions. His acting endeavours include singing roles such as Dr. Scott in The Rocky Horror Show (Korda Artistic Productions), Mr. Fezziwig in A Dicken’s Christmas Carol (The Lost and Found Theatre), improvised roles in many murder mysteries and His Majesty’s Feasts around southern Ontario, and many roles with the Purple Theatre Company of Windsor, Ontario over a span of 10 years. In the Purple Theatre Company’s production of The Man Who Fell in Love with the Tuba, Terry was honoured to have played the lead character. . . in addition to being the play’s inspiration.  

Josie Elysia


About the character: Mandy doesn’t struggle with having a lot to say, but she does struggle with choosing appropriate ways to say what’s on her mind. She is both a mumbler and a low-talker who does not believe she is either, and is immune to all feedback to the contrary.

About the actor: Josie Elysia is a Windsor-based actor and content creator who recently appeared in the films One Last Job and Thundersnake.

Paul Gallo


About the character: Luke is the set designer for the Purple Theatre Company. He is a sincere and friendly fellow who loves sandwiches and doesn’t possess a driver’s licence. He gets along with everyone and everyone gets along with him.

About the actor: Paul Gallo is a Canadian actor living in Windsor, Ontario, who fell in love with movies, television, and theatre from a young age. After getting his start as an extra in films and commercials Paul soon took to the stage, performing shows at The Shadowbox Theatre in The Keeper by Anthony Giacolone, and as Bill in Hangmen by Martin McDonagh (Post Productions).

Jonathan Tessier


About the character: Gary works at a hardware store and has come to know Bruce over the years. Gary has the practiced smile and friendliness of someone who works in retail – and therefore can fake friendliness in any situation.

About the actor: Jonathan Tessier is an actor/playwright currently based in Peterborough, Ontario. He has won the Windsor-Essex Playwriting Contest on two occasions with Stuck (2021) and Which Way, Millennial Man? (2023). Acting credits include: Howard in Moon Over Buffalo (Huronia Players) and John in The Lion in Winter (Korda Artistic Productions).

Fred Krysko


About the character: Guillaume is a highly committed host at the swanky Le Budokan restaurant. He expects is customers to be better, and they continually disappoint him.

About the actor: Fred Krysko has trod the boards in Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Chicago. Some favourite roles include: Williamson in Glengarry Glen Ross, Marshall/Glenn in Prepared, Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, Sam Nash in Plaza Suite, Raphael Coughlan in Portia Coughlan, Mr. Braddock in The Graduate, Solinas in Comedy of Errors, Brendan in The Weir, Richard Warwick in The Unexpected Guest, Judge in Inherit the Wind, Count Puchlik Puszcsykowo in A Secondary Cause of Death, Styles and Lieutenant Sergeant in The Peacock Season, Senator Thomas Jordan in The Manchurian Candidate, Gerard de Villefort in Count of Monte Cristo, and Steven Truscott in Steven: The Steven Truscott Story.

Nikolas Prsa


About the character: Bill is a waiter at the swanky Le Budokan restaurant. For good or ill, he knows the Heimlich maneuver.

About the actor: Nikolas Prša is a Windsor-based actor who currently serves on Windsor Feminist Theatre’s board of directors as Secretary. Nik’s performance experience spans across four local theatre companies, as well as short films. He will drag you to local ethnic restaurants and you will like them, especially if you think $25 is a reasonable price for tacos. If you see Nik in the wild, show him a flag, any flag; for a small fee he will tell you whose flag it is, and he cannot make guarantees for what may happen if you don’t. In 2024 Nik was nominated for a Windsor-Essex Critics Choice Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Theatrical Role (play) for The Best Man

Shannyn McRae


About the character: Gordie’s older sister is cautiously supportive of her baby brother, though she’d rather tease him. As children she and her sister used to dress Gordie in their old clothes and make him dance and sing nursery rhymes for their amusement.

About the actor: Shannyn McRae is a Windsor-based actor probably best known for her roles as Claire in Pirate Attack on the 1C Bus Going Downtown by Joey Ouellette, Brooke in Legally Blonde: the musical, or her stirring performance in The Pride Monologues in 2022. She was also a featured extra in the film Boys vs Girls, directed by Michael Stasko.

Megan Ellis


About the character: Gordie’s older sister is cautiously supportive of her baby brother, though she’d rather tease him. As children she and her sister used to dress Gordie in their old clothes and make him dance and sing nursery rhymes for their amusement.

About the actor: Shannyn McRae is a Windsor-based actor probably best known for her roles as Claire in Pirate Attack on the 1C Bus Going Downtown by Joey Ouellette, Brooke in Legally Blonde: the musical, or her stirring performance in The Pride Monologues in 2022. She was also a featured extra in the film Boys vs Girls, directed by Michael Stasko.